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After 20 years of running agencies, building brands and helping to deliver profitable businesses across a spectrum of IT, leisure, fmcg and B2B sectors, Peter Travis has decided to do something a bit more personal. And offer himself.

In any guise your business requires. As a consultant, a project leader, an additional resource to work alongside your agency or, if required, to help you find a new one. Additionally, he can assemble a team of some of the best creatives in London to work on a project basis (hence more cost effectively and faster) on a particular communications task.

Given his experience in the business, +travis is built on an insight that now seems clearer than ever. That there is a demand for advertising to be created and developed differently. The way advertising is done - created, planned and bought – is being challenged by the need to reduce its cost. But even more fundamentally by the need to find different ways of reaching consumers and getting them to engage with your brand. Agencies need to adapt their business to these different circumstances. For some clients the Agency business model is too slow and too expensive, and a different solution is required.

This is where he can help. By working with you, with your agency, with prospective agencies or perhaps to build a ‘virtual’ agency team.

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